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Female Founders were born in 2016 as an initiative to support ambitious women during their rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship through networking, mentoring and mutual exchange.

We have grown to be a movement with a large mission – the drive to encourage and empower women is what unites our team.

We’re a passionate bunch. Every member of our team brings vast experience from their industry and a strong desire to make sure women have equal access to business opportunities and representation in political and economic decision-making processes which does not only fuel sustainable economies but benefit societies at large. 

Lisa Fassl


Charlotte Ekström 

Head of Communications

Nina Wöss

Marketing | Speedinvest

Petra Botekova

Head of Lead F

Lena Hödl

Head of Grow F
Startup Accelerator

Catharina Knobloch 

Team Assistant 



Martina Hölzl

Program Manager Next-Incubator

Julia Plakolm

Department of Corporate Leadership & Entrepreneurship, University of Graz

Stefanie Horvath 

Founder of Moshbit GmbH