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Female Leadership Program that creates the Digital Leaders of Tomorrow. 

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Who it is for 

(Future) Female Leaders

This program is for the ambitious rising stars with a first leadership experience in a corporate institution. 

Innovative Minds

For driven professionals who have an open, innovatove and mindset and an entrepreneurial DNA. 

Digital Skillset

For women looking to enhance leadership skills and broaden digital knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Exchange

For someone who wants to expand their network with C-level executives,  startup founders and like-minded female leaders.

“Nowadays it’s all about innovation, and diversity in teams is the absolute key if you want to stay on top. The Lead F program empowers our female executives by providing a network, new skillset and helping them discover their full potential so they can rise to the top.”

Michaela Rothleitner | UNIQA Ventures

What it is

Lead F is our female leadership program that creates the digital leaders of tomorrow. We see gender diversity as the new success factor in a globalized world. Data shows that gender diverse teams perform better. It is proven that gender diverse teams make better business decisions. The likelihood to achieve above-average profitability is 21% (Source: McKinsey). 

That is why our goal is to enable female talent by fostering the right set of skills & mindset. Lead F helps you to connect with peers and like-minded people, who also strive to make a difference and shape the future. The 3-month program focuses on personal development as a leader, as well as boosting your leadership skills. It encourages you to improve your entrepreneurial mindset by exchanging with inspiring and innovative female founders from our accelerator program Grow F. Learn and adapt from today’s C-Levels to ensure personal and professional growth. 

Lead F provides 40+ hours of program, 20+ hours of masterclasses as well as 3 C-level fireside chats. It gives you the opportunity to be one of 12 exclusively selected women partaking in the program in Vienna, get access to Female Founders ecosystem and become a life-long member of our Female Leaders Community. For any further questions, please contact our Head of Lead F, Cathi

What you get 

Gender Diversity

Lead F supports corporates to create gender-balanced organizations up to the very top. Research shows that gender diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation. 

Employer Branding

Lead F is an asset for corporate CSR activities. Participation in the intrapreneurship program boosts branding and recruitment initiatives to attract and retain female talent. 

Female Leadership

Lead F fosters female “rising stars” in corporates to allow more women to rise to the top ranks of management. Our goal is to promote a female talent pipeline to increase the share of female C-level executives. 

“Inspiring experience on professional and personal level! Possibility to get to know female entrepreneurs and understand how they think and work which is completely different to what we know from working in a corporate institution. All in all, perfect organisation and sophisticated program!”

Participant Lead F | Kremena Schmidhofer | Raiffeisen Bank International 




  • 10.10.2019

    Kick-Off with Lead F sisters and meeting with Female Founders

  • 16.10.2019

    Matching with start-ups

  • 18.10.2019

    Personal Branding Masterclass

  • 7.11.2019

    Fireside inspiration evening with C-level guests

  • 15.11.2019

    Masterclass on Leading High-Performing Teams

  • 28.11.2019

    Second Fireside Evening with C-level Guests

  • 14.1.2020

    Resilience and Mental Health Masterclass

  • 21.1.2020

    Finals and Celebrations

Our C-Level


Andrea Stürmer

CEO Zürich AG


Maria Zesch

CCO T-Mobile Austria

Bettina Glatz-Kremsner

Head of the Board – Casinos Austria

Valerie Hackl

MD – Austro Control

Tatjana Bister

CEO BMW Austria

Helen Pelzmann

Partner EY Law

Chahna Gosrani

Director B2B eBay



Joy Medos

Leadership Coach


Yvonne Sammer

Presentation Training


Julia Krenmayr

Negotiations Trainer


Rebecca Vogels

Branding Expert


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