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Community of Female Entrepreneurial Minds.





Who it is for 

Entrepreneurial Minds

If you want to connect with open and like-minded spirits, or develop an entrepreneurial mindset, our community will help you achieve that and support you in becoming a leader of change.

Female Founders

If you are a female startup founder, looking for know-how, funding, and opportunities to enhance your skills and expand your business, Base F is the place to connect.

People who embrace Diversity

If you want to be part of the – we believe much needed – change in society and economy and support others to do the same, join our community. Together we can shape the world of tomorrow.

What it is 

The Female Founders Community is all about empowering women trough entrepreneurship. Our community, that consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurial women, exists to empower women and equip them with an entrepreneurial mindset and a powerful network. Whether you’re just starting out in business, you’re an outstanding serial entrepreneur or you’re already killing it in your career – we’re here to give you inspiration, the necessary connections and the tools needed to level up. We do this through our online community, in-person events and workshops that bring women together and provide them with the resources to create their own stories of success.

What we all have in common is a burning desire to make a difference. Base F is where we plant the seeds to make sure we’re able to do that.  

What you get 

Valuable Insights

Trough Base F we are able to provide you with the latest and most exclusive insights from the entrepreneurial world.

Our community helps you to stay up to date with everything that is going on, gives you an exclusive look behind the scenes, and equips you with the inspiration to refine and fuel your entrepreneurial mindset.

Access to our Network

Our Community gives you an opportunity to expand your network with our high-profile and diverse business contacts and to broaden your knowledge with the professional know-how and personal experience of our network.

Exchange with like-minded Spirits

Base F consists of unique characters who want to contribute to the much-needed change in economy and society and empower others to do the same.

Being able to learn from people who face the same challenges, helps you to discover and use your full potential.

How to get involved 


We organize regular meet-ups and events for our community, where we all share & exchange entrepreneurial thoughts & ideas and empower each other in person.


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