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We’re all about empowering women through entrepreneurship. Our community consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurial women – female founders, women working at start-ups and various other types of female creatives and change-makers. What we all have in common is a burning desire to make a difference.  

Base F is where we plant the seeds to make sure we’re able to do just that.


A meaningful network

Our community exists to empower women and equip them with an entrepreneurial mindset and a powerful network. Whether you’re just starting out in business, you’re an outstanding serial entrepreneur or you’re already killing it in your career – we’re here to give you inspiration, the necessary connections and the tools needed to level up. We do this through our online community, in-person events and workshops that bring women together and provide them with the resources to create their own stories of success. 

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18 Tue Feb Community Event Budapest Productive Tuesday
06 Fri Mar Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. Vienna Lead Today. Shape Tomorrow. 2020

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