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We believe that – in a world facing more challenges than ever – today’s economy and society are forced to change, and that entrepreneurship will play a crucial role in this transformation, just like women.

For us, entrepreneurship is not necessarily about starting or running a business. It’s a state of mind, a principle of life and an approach to dealing with problems. 


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a simple equation:

entrepreneurship + women = the future

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People who have already started a company or are at the beginning of starting one

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people who are employed in corporates, startups, governmental organizations or NGOs


people/organizations/companies who have already invested or are about to start investing in startups

How do we do it?

Base F

Base F is our community of fierce women who strive to educate and empower women to get started on their business aspirations and supply them with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Grow F

Grow F is our accelerator program that kickstarts highly innovative and scalable female-led ventures.

Lead F

Lead F is our leadership program where we assist rising female stars from the corporate world in order to support them in becoming the future digital leaders of tomorrow.

Who we’ve worked with 

Entrepreneurs will save the world

A collection with the key insights from our online session with Atomico on everything about: SaaS.

We’re hiring: Head of Lead F

We are hiring Accelerator Manager, Lead F (fulltime) Location: Vienna | Start: August 2020 Female Founders is looking for a fulltime team member to become the Head of the female leadership program Lead F.  Lead F was started in 2019, with the aim to support female...

We’re hiring: Grow F Support

We are hiring Volunteer - Accelerator Operations Location: Vienna | Start: asap, latest August 2020 Female Founders is looking for a volunteer to support our accelerator program Grow F. In order to boost our operations and support our current accelerator team, we’d...

Key-takeaways from everything about: SaaS with Atomico

A collection with the key insights from our online session with Atomico on everything about: SaaS.

Stay Home Stories, Grande Finale

A final update on how corona has been affecting our team throughout the last weeks. Read the learning we’ve made – both as individuals and as a team.

Taking Grow F Digital

How we took Grow F digital It’s hard to believe how quickly COVID-19 turned our lives upside down. At Female Founders, we are committed to the acceleration program we promised to deliver to our founders, so we have made the switch to the digital world. Instead of...

Stay Home Stories, Part 2

Stay Home Stories, Part 2  The secret sauce of survival Welcome back to part 2 of our blog series related to our new way of work, aka home office. First of all: Thank you so much for the great feedback we received on our first post last week and our #stayhomestories...

COVID-19 related Resources for Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 related Resources for Entrepreneurs   Due to the coronavirus outbreak, everything but the health care and food supply system seems to be on hold. In times of social distancing, uncertainty and constant worries about the future of the economy and society, we...

Stay Home Stories, Part 1

Stay Home Stories, Part 1 Welcome, Home Office Mode We don’t know if you feel the same, but we somehow thought of home office as the most chill and idyllic way of working. No coworkers that interrupt you, wearing your PJs all day long and doing your project management...

How to Rule LinkedIn

How to rule LinkedIn  In a previous article with branding expert Rebecca Vogels, we had a chat about effective personal and branding storytelling techniques. Knowing her expertise in personal branding we wanted to pick her brain on how to step up your personal...




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